Victoria Wulff
Victoria Wulff

Victoria Wulff received a Tree of Life Individual Artist Grant in 2017 for Stream of Consciousness Watershed.


Victoria Wulff studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, England and received a BA and MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating from art school, Wulff showed work in many places from Providence, RI to New York City to London, UK and Berlin, Germany.
She received the John Elliot Prize for Two-Dimensional Art at the Newport Art Museum (1981), an Individual Artist's grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (1982), and a Guggenheim Fellowship in painting (2002).
Wulff had a solo exhibition at Gallerie Eva Poll in Berlin, Germany (1998) and a solo show at Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, NY (2008), as well as many group exhibitions. In 2017, she was a resident at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, NY and her work was added to the permanent collection of the Newport Art Museum.​

Project Description

In my paintings, I create a dream-like montage of symbols from history and my life, which emerge out of a stream of consciousness and involve intuitive channeling. The element of theatre is important as it allows for nonsensical play and I often meld architectural elements from art history with nature as a stage for a dramatic scenario. In order to organize the unpredictable paths of these blending streams of the unconscious and conscious, I need a greater arena in which to work.
Stream of Consciousness Watershed is about allowing me to enlarge on and enhance some of the motifs currently emerging in my work, so I will need to rent a larger studio and purchase large canvases and materials in order to have a sufficient space to assemble and execute my paintings.  To do this will also require that I obtain more storage space in order to organize and archive earlier formulations of the themes I am now expanding upon. In addition, archiving my work will entail allocating some of this grant towards photography of work as well as building and improving my website.
My vision will culminate in presenting these thematic larger-scale pieces in an exhibition.