Yura Adams


Artist Yura Adams has produced two major shows of her work over the past six months with painting, installation, and sculpture. Her solo exhibition of painting/installation at Olympia in NYC fall of 2022 was accompanied by a catalog dedicated to her work. In April 2023, she  exhibited  her sculpture in a two-person show at Turley Gallery in Hudson, NY. In May 2022, Adams was presented at NADA New York Art Fair by Olympia, and exhibited at LABspace, Hillsdale, NY, August-September. Awards include a grant from the Peter S Reed Foundation (by nomination 2022), Drawing Center Viewing Program (2021), Pollock-Krasner Grant (2019), Martha Boschen Porter Fund, Berkshire Taconic Foundation (2017), NYS Council on the Arts (individual artist grant 2010), NYFA Mark Program (2009) and National Endowment for the Arts (individual artist grant, New Genres 1985). Her degrees were both earned at the San Francisco Art Institute: 1975 BFA painting and 1980 MFA, photography. She makes her work in an industrial building on a farm in Western Massachusetts and is represented by Olympia.


Project Description

Views from the Mini-Verse

My project is to develop the fabric-based sculptures that have been my recent focus. The submitted files are examples of this work, much of it created since January of this year. The funding will be used to pay for materials, supplies and armatures. An aspect of the project is to work out ideas for combining my painting practice with 3-D work. So far, painting is present in every sculpture made to date; I have used it to transform the surface and create interaction between parts of the work and its support. I would like to pursue additional painting/sculptural ideas that need time, funding and focus to flourish.

Making sculpture got started with the mad pleasure of being lost in materials and not knowing the way to the other side. I am a painter who wandered into a marble scrap heap outside my studio door and is following the original “what if” thread to unknown conclusions. 

Views from the Mini-Verse will be made from fabric that is cast, either from molds or from direct casting of forms I have sculpted out of clay. Those forms could be stand-alone or combined with other sculptural materials. I have access to castoff marble parts and have used them extensively, but there are many other possibilities, such as recycled plastic that I have also used. 

I find forms by investigating what I can do with materials such as paint and ink on translucent fabric. I paint, glue, sculpt and cast and my practice embodies my ideas and more recently, humor.  

I opened (April 8, 2023) an exhibition of 18 sculptures at Turley Gallery in Hudson, New York that was well received and I am eager to advance the ideas that emerged from making work for the show. The made-up word “Mini-Verse” expresses the experience of making art from of the multitude of cognitive and emotive ideas drawn from my mind and soul. I like the freedom this title gives me to explore. My project, Views from the Mini-Verse, will be objects that personify my ideas and are a result of a lifetime spent making art.